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The Ultimate Camera Support Rail


I know what some of you are thinking… what the heck is that!?!

It’s a camera support rail… that I’ve heavily modified for a special reason. I’ve been looking for a way to shoot with multiple cameras on a single tripod. This combination lets me attach up to 5 cameras to a single tripod. This is really useful for video shooting as well as time-lapse (as I can get multiple angles/compositions of coverage at once).


The rail system attaches to my tripod (it matches an Arca-Swiss style plate). On the rail are two small clamps (with room for a third) to hold each camera body. At each end is a GoPro mount.  This can hold 4-5 cameras at once. Cameras can be angled in each direction for 360˚ of coverage of an environment.



This is a cleaner shot of it (although it was shot in my hotel room in Tokyo, so no perfect studio lights here).

The Pieces

Here are the pieces I used to build this (and for those of you familiar with Really Right Stuff the quality is high and so are the prices).

  • BHERO3-B: GoPro Buckle Adapter Plate          2  @ $39.00  =   $78.00
  • Mini-Clamp Package                                            1  @  $110.00  = $110.00
  • CB-EC: Camera Bar End Connector                    2 @  $30.00  = $60.00
  • B2-mAS: 38mm clamp with dual mounting       2   @   $60.00 = $120.00
  • CB-18 Package: CB-18 and Mini Clamps           1   @   $245.00 = $245.00
    • CB-18: 18-inch Camera support bar   
    • B2-mAS: 38mm clamp with dual mounting   
    • B2-FAB 38mm clamp with threaded socket  

TOTAL $613.00



  • The clamps are a safe way to attach any camera with an Arca-Swiss style plate.

  • The rail has a built-in bubble level to get a straight shot.
  • The clamps can be repositioned side to side.
  • The center cameras can be mounted either direction.
  • The GoPro buckles work with standard GoPro mounts so you can connect the cameras.
  • I used the bendable knuckles included with each GoPro to create a camera that can be angled to shoot in any direction for greater flexibility.
  • The whole unit weighs about 5 pounds without cameras attached.
  • The open spaces in the bar make it lighter and allowed me to attach aVulture Equipment Works strap for easy carrying.


I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.  I was able to easily gather a lot more options when shooting video and time-lapse (safe to say I tripled my output os usable shots).

Geeky… yes.  Pricey… uh huh.  Virtually indestructible… absolutely.

The Ultimate Camera Support Rail Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Feb 22, 2014 at 6:04:34 am DSLR VideoVideoPhotography

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