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Fix it in post!

Blog 1: "Fix it in post!" - How to maximize production quality on a shoe string budget.
"Fix it in post!"

We've either heard this phrase on location of a film set, or have said this to the crew to stay on schedule during a video production. Historically, the phrase "fix it in post" indicated that there was a problem that the production crew (on set) is handing off to the post-production team in the editorial suite. And historically, the post-production team didn't always welcome this mindset, and the work days became work nights to fix the problems. Those were the days when the on location production crew and the post-production crew were separate entities.

But with the decline of big-budget productions, the "fix it in post" mentality has become the norm in corporate, broadcast, and media projects. More often than not, smaller budgets and fixed price projects limit the amount of crew members you have. Instead of the specialized crew members, creative services professionals are forced to become specialized generalists, and the director of photography is often also the producer, gaffer, editor, best boy, etc., Post-production tools and applications have become cheaper, and more widely available.

When this is the case, "Fix it in post" might have been the plan all along! Is this a bad thing? Sometimes, but not if you plan accordingly. Don't get me wrong, I'd take a big-budget over a shoe string production any day. But if your delivery is for web, you can cut corners to keep production costs down, and profits up.

In this series "Fix it in post!", I'll offer suggestions and solutions on how you can DIY your media project, while maintaining professional production quality. Stand by for more!

- Ben Marcheski

Posted by: Ben Marcheski on May 1, 2017 at 12:26:42 am production, workflow, low-budget

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