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Request The Assets You Need At Motion Array

Stock sites are chock full of assets. You can find After Effects templates, stock music, and all sorts of other assets strewn across a wide range of sites. In fact, there are likely thousands and thousands of potential choices for every kind of asset you might be looking for.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make a request for the item you wanted, and then producers could go about creating just what you needed?

Well, if that was your wish, it just came true. Now, Motion Array is offering up requests to all subscribers. If you are looking for an After Effects template, Premiere Pro template, stock music, stock video, or stock motion graphics, you can submit a request today.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you are working on a spot for a farm co-op and you need a good After Effects template that uses old wood textures, but you can’t find one and you don’t have all day to look around the web.

If you are a Motion Array paid subscriber, you can simply hit the new “Requests” button at the top of the site, and in minutes, you can submit a request to the wide pool of Motion Array content producers.

Once you are in the Requests section of the site, you can take a look at all of the currently active requests to see if there is something similar and you can upvote other requests in the queue, in order to make them more likely to be fulfilled.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, just hit “Submit Request” and fill out your own. You just need a title, description, and category for your request. You are welcome to add in reference materials, but it’s not required.

Once your request is submitted, the Motion Array curators will review it for duplicate content and approve it for the producers. Then all producers are welcome to fulfill the request. In fact, multiple producers may choose to fulfill the request, giving you more options.

Requests don’t cost any extra to users and they are free to submit from all paid subscribers. The addition of requests are a great way to make sure that you are getting the assets you need and to make sure content producers are creating assets that are needed in the market.

Several requests have already been fulfilled, and many more are being worked on already. Here are a few of the requests already fulfilled on the site.

For more information on Requests, or to check out the other great features that Motion Array has to offer, visit

Posted by: Brett Rakestraw on Jan 31, 2017 at 2:53:10 pm Premiere Pro, Adobe, templates, requests

Premiere Pro Templates Now Available At Motion Array

So, what’s a Premiere Pro template? Well, anyone in the post production or content creation business is probably aware of After Effects templates. These are After Effects project files with pre-made animations, transitions, content boxes, and presets that make the job of building an After Effects animation easier.

For years, editors and producers have dug into After Effects templates to quickly create things like titles, lower thirds, and transitions. While this can be a time saver and a great way to get a professional look for a project, it also requires some level of knowledge of After Effects as well as the software itself. It also requires hopping between programs which can be a bit of a focus crusher.

So, back to the original question...what’s a Premiere Pro template? It’s basically a Premiere Pro project with pre-made animations, transitions, presets, edits, or something else useful for saving time when editing.

Some editors may already be questioning the need for this. Are Premiere Pro templates going to attempt to take jobs away from editors? Can a template really do a good job with an edit anyway? All good questions. When Motion Array decided to try out the idea of Premiere Pro templates, they had the same questions, and they took those questions to editors.

The initial thoughts from the community were varied. While some saw the benefits of time saving tools when budgets and timelines were tight, others thought it might steal away the soul of the edit or undermine the role of the editor. The motion graphics community had a similar feeling with After Effects templates were first introduced, but they have since found their place in the market for low budget projects and inspiration starters.

When Motion Array first put up a free Premiere Pro template for users to try, it actually turned out to be a hit. The response was mostly positive and downloads were high. So, Motion Array decided to add a category to their asset library for Premiere Pro templates. The now launched category includes a full set of subcategories for a range of needs.

Edits are actual timeline cuts where footage just needs to be replaced by the end user. These are set up for casual editors or those without a lot of editing skill or time who want something that’s easy to update and render.

Toolkits are a set of tools that will help and editor with overall graphics. They include things like logo reveals, transitions, and lower thirds.

Transitions are just that. They are templates with loads of transitions that will up an edit when it needs a graphics punch.

Titles templates contain animations specifically set up to alleviate the task of title creation for a user without a ton of design experience.

Presets give you looks that can be used throughout an edit, like old film or glitch, or VHS looks.

Logo templates are great for adding a logo reveal or log button animation at the end of a video.

And Slideshows include animated framing devices and transitions for a slideshow style presentation.

There is already a lot of content available in the Premiere Pro Templates section and none of the templates require you to use After Effects to make the most of them.

This is the newest and is quickly becoming one of the most popular asset categories for Motion Array which already offers After Effects templates, stock music, stock video, and motion graphics.

Motion Array is a creative asset marketplace built on a subscription model rather than a pay per download model. By switching to a subscription plan, they are able to offer much lower prices per asset. They have a range of plans from the Basic with 4 downloads a month to the Pro with 20 downloads per month.

They also offer a simple license for all assets that allows users to use downloads for any type of project from a corporate presentation to a large scale commercial spot.

For more information on Motion Array, pricing, and Premiere Pro templates, visit

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