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Makin’ Earth - storms, labels and auroras

Here are three separate tutorials for adding extras to a 3D Earth using Video Copilot’s Orb. There’s no point in a tutorial in recreating Earth, as Andrew Kramer has already made an excellent tutorial covering that (which is also included below), so instead, I’ve focused on adding some extras:

Adding a hurricane:

Project file:

Adding 3D labels based on geographic coordinates:

Project file:

Adding an Aurora using CC Particle World:

Project file:
L=thisComp.layer("Position NULL");

CC Particle World Producers:
x=thisComp.layer("Particles NULL").transform.position[0]-thisComp.width/2;

y=thisComp.layer("Particles NULL").transform.position[1]-thisComp.height/2;

z=thisComp.layer("Particles NULL").transform.position[2];

Here are some additional helpful links:

Andrew Kramer's Ultra 3D Earth tutorial

Video Copilot's Orb plugin:


Posted by: Graham Quince on Jul 5, 2019 at 7:34:44 pm Video copilot, Orb, Earth

Makin’ Planets - VideoCopilot Orb tutorials

I’ve launched a new tutorial series, Makin’ Planets, for After Effects. Each week I’m looking at different techniques to recreate one of our solar system’s planets using Video Copilot Orb.

Each tutorial launches with a Teaser / Preview on Mondays, with the actual tutorial going live on Fridays at 5pm. I figure most people will not get a chance to work through tutorials until the weekends, so this way they might get a chance to plan in some time.

It’s my voice you’ll see in the videos, but I’m using a cartoon character – I’ve done this mainly for time – I think tutorials are better with a face, but that would have meant setting up cameras, lights etc…

I’ve scripted each tutorial, then recorded my voice, then the screen and finally edited everything together in After Effects.

All the tutorials come with project files – I know sometimes you just need the answers quick. I’ve tried to keep them to be as short as possible, with a few jokes (bad ones), but not lots of waffle.

This tutorial uses Video Copilot's free Orb plugin, which can be downloaded here:

Makin' Mercury using CC Sphere:

Project file here:

Normal Map Online:

Posted by: Graham Quince on Jul 1, 2019 at 8:15:48 pm Tutorial

After Effects tutorial: Converting a 2D effect to 3D (using a bit of Maths) to make a Black Hole

Long title, but it about covers it. In this tutorial, I'm demonstrating how to get the look of an Interstellar Movie-type Black Hole using the Bulge effect, 3D layers, adjustment layers and how to use expressions to compensate for the fact you can't use Bulge in 3D space.

I've included the project file here:

Other tutorials mentioned:
CC Particle Galaxy tutorial

Cinema 4D Black Hole

Posted by: Graham Quince on May 26, 2018 at 4:00:59 pm after effects, space, expressions

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Here you'll find a bunch of tutorials for using After Effects (mainly). I have a YouTube channel, called ShiveringCactus (long story - not funny anymore) where I post the videos.


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