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DaVinci Resolve With Nathan Walters

COW Blogs : DaVinci Resolve With Nathan Walters

Exporting LUTs for VFX in DaVinci Resolve 14

In this DaVinci Resolve 14 tutorial; Nathan Walters walks you through the workflow of exporting LUTs for visual effects, explaining why a visual effects artist would want a LUT and how to create one for them. This video covers an entire workflow from DaVinci Resolve to Adobe After Effects, although these concepts can be applied to almost any color grading and compositing applications.

Using Groups - DaVinci Resolve 14 Tutorial

Speed up your workflow using groups in BlackMagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 14!

Nathan Walters bring you his latest DaVinci Resolve 14 tutorial, showing you how to manage groups and why using groups is the way to go to maximize your efficiency.

Face Refinement First Impressions - DaVinci Resolve 14 with Nathan Walters

This video kicks off a new weekly DaVinci Resolve tutorial series that goes beyond typical "look building" tutorials that dominate the web and instead explores the functionality of DaVinci Resolve, best workflow practices and explores tools in DaVinci Resolve that are often overlooked.

In this first video, I explore the new Face Refinement feature and give my first impressions on it and the new Resolve 14 that was just announced at NAB 2017. Face refinement is a technique I use often. In this video, I give a glimpse at the old way it could be done, and show just how much easier it is now with Resolve 14.

DaVinci Resolve is now only $299, making it much more accessible to both editors, colorists and now sound mixers thanks to the new Fairlight page. And for those wanting to try it out, there is a free version that will fill most people's needs. So even non Resolve users, I highly encourage you to go download the software and join me in learning the in's and out's of Resolve 14.

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