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BlueFish444 NAB Interview - VR Workflows

The Harold & Maudecast Co-Host Jake Essoe speaks to Simon Walker of BlueFish444 about their new announcements for NAB 2016 and their complete Virtual Reality (VR) workflow demonstrated at the Bluefish444 NAB 2016 booth SL9021.

The VR Workflow featured live 360 SDI video camera recordings from five IOindustries Flare 2KSDI cameras in a custom VR rig from Inter Video. SDI video cameras integrated into the custom camera rig to capture and create a 360 degree video of the NAB Show floor. Live multi-channel SDI capture with Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Neutron Turbo and an all new version of Bluefish444’s ingeSTore software were also showcased.

For more information on BlueFish444 please visit -

BlueFish444 VR Workflows

Posted by: Sarah Mason on May 1, 2016 at 5:10:21 pm VR, Virtual Reality, 360 Video, NAB, Bluefish 444

AJA NAB 2016 - Nick Rashby, AJA President

Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe, Co-Hosts of the The Harold and Maudecast talk to AJA President, Nick Rashby about AJA’s continued synergy with current and future roadmaps for Content Creators.

“People are looking to integrate IP into their existing pipelines”.

Yes they are! And AJA has answers.

“With the introduction of KONA IP we have one of the very few and best of breeds missing links for IP,” stated Nick Rashby. “This takes editors and other content creators from the theoretical to practical allowing them to really work in an IP based infrastructure.”

Bottom Line: AJA had a great show. In the past year they introduced 30 new products (shipping) and at NAB 2016 they introduced 24 more on top of that (all shipping). The big news for them revolved around IP video, Streaming, H.264 recording and IP based capture devices. AJA seems well aligned with the current trends and roadmaps--particularly IP workflows. They question how VR will all fit into it from a practical use perspective but are always poised to deliver solutions that solve problems for end users, whatever those problems may be.

Other highlights from AJA:

  • U-TAP USB 3.0 Capture Devices
  • Helo Streaming and Recording Device with H.264 Support
  • New Mini-Converters and openGear Compatible Racks Cards
  • On the roadmap - 8K 60P!

NAB 2016 - Interview with AJA President Nick Rashby

Posted by: Sarah Mason on Apr 24, 2016 at 9:57:39 pm AJA, NAB

Adobe Interview NAB 2016 - Patrick Palmer

Jake Essoe, Co-Host of of the Harold and Maudecast sits down with Patrick Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Professional Video and Audio at Adobe, to discuss how Adobe’s new NAB developments help Editors find that sweet spot between multi-applications and truly Integrated Workflows.

Proxy Workflows for “Enormous K”

Yes, why don’t we just call everything that already!

“Keeping the flexibility that comes with 8K workflows is crucial,” explained Palmer. “Being able to work on a lightweight device say a macbook pro or surface pro or anything you could use on the go with Adobe Premiere Pro, we want to keep that ability even if there’s really heavy lifting on ingest. Cool news is, when you do the original ingest we aren’t asking you to wait for anything.”

Bottom Line: Adobe, like many other vendors at NAB 2016 who talked “All About the End User” pledge to make things that used to be complex, far more simple with an intuitive UI, that can take on the challenges of the likes of VR and beyond.

Other highlights from Adobe -

  • Powerful new Proxy Workflows - Edit immediately during ingest
  • Enhanced Lumetri Color Tools
  • New video and audio preview engine with the newly introduced Adobe Stock assets
  • New essential Sound Panel

Adobe Interview NAB 2016 - Proxy Workflows for "Enormous-K" with Patrick Palmer

Posted by: Sarah Mason on Apr 24, 2016 at 9:45:57 pmComments (1) Adobe, Premiere Pro, NAB

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