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Free Motion Graphics eBook

Crossfeyer, a new resource for creative training, is giving away a free Motion Graphics eBook: “Motion Graphics Design Academy”. Learn how to improve your animation and design skills to enhance your movies! Everyone who preorders the ebook before the release in spring 2017 will get the ebook for free.


The “Motion Graphics Design Academy” is an in-depth look at the production of impressive animations. It includes descriptions of a complex design process from classical static design theory to modern animation techniques.

We see a square. It rotates and fluently transforms into a logo that is perfectly presented on a background of moving elements. Everything seems to be in harmony. Colors, shapes, movements, sound, typography. Every single detail is loaded with meaning to support a message. A story from an author whose tools are not limited to words and sentences. A story from a painter whose tools are not limited to a brush, a canvas and colors, but who has access to every artistic form of expression imaginable: The creative world of motion graphic design. The art of transforming static elements (graphics, images, texts, logos, etc.) into moving designs by giving them another dimension: time.

Since the first days of mankind, people have tried to illustrate motion in static pictures. We even know cave paintings from the Stone Age that show people and animals with several legs to give a sense of motion in static images. Nowadays, we have all the techniques needed to create real moving images. All we need to learn is how to deal with designs and how to use our tools the right way, to transform our imagination into visible art.

The goal of the eBook is to give its readers a profound background knowledge about design and animation principles and to improve their artistic skills. Software and plug-ins are changing constantly. But all that theory about storytelling, animation, color, typefaces, composition & compositing will stay the same.

To learn more about Graphic- & Motion Design, you can preorder the free eBook here

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About the author
Hey! My name is Timo Fecher and I’m a filmmaker ever since I can remember. I love telling stories. During my studies in film production and digital media, I got more and more interested in the art of Motion Graphic Designs that tremendously helped me to improve my movies and storytelling skills. Now I’m a self-employed VFX- and Motion Graphics Artist for almost ten years and I still love my job. I’ve worked on numerous projects for small companies right up to big and famous movie and game production studios. With Crossfeyer I want to establish a new platform to support creativity and to encourage artists by improving their skills with innovative training.


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