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Apple iPhone or Samsung Instinct?

Well Samsung has released the supposed "iPhone killer" and I've wondered how it stacks up to the newly released iPhone 2.0.   Fortunately for all of us, MSNBC has done a really nice head to head comparison of the two.  In the end, they both work well, but the one thing I was surprised about is that the "live Sprint TV" they advertise in the ads is not entire shows, just snippets of shows.   And the comparison of the screen brightness and clarity is pretty impressive.

Anyway, really good reading for anyone thinking about one or the other. 

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jul 15, 2008 at 7:22:26 am apple, technology, iphone

Power to the iPhone people!

So according to a new Reuters article, over 1/4 of the Apple iPhones sold in 2007 have "gone missing" by the end of the year.  In other words, they have been unlocked and are running on other networks.   Maybe they don't want to be snooped on by at&t (see related blog entry) or maybe they just want to be able to choose which phone they want to use on which network.  Gee, that's an original concept!

Maybe there should be an iPhone hackers convention like the internet hackers convention.  Which, of course, doesn't really exist, at least officially.  Laughing

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jan 28, 2008 at 6:09:57 pmComments (3) apple, iphone

AT&T to monitor your network use

Interesting news from the MSNBC website that at&t now plans to monitor all internet use by users of their networks. Which of course will include all 4 milion+ iPhone users.

at&t claims they will be looking to stop illegal copyright sharing and such, but they will have full, carte blanche access to review all your emails, all your internet surfing and instant chat messages. Now of course all ISP's have the ability to review anything you do, but at&t has come out said they are absolutely going to keep an eye on everything you do.

Kind of creepy and quite honestly, I don't really see any ethical reason to go in and review everyone's use their network without some sort of a legal issue. If someone has been reported sharing illegal materials, then you go in and review their account. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jan 28, 2008 at 7:27:19 amComments (5) apple, iphone

at&t: Faster iPhone in 2008

Well of course Apple would never say anything in advance, but thanks to the CEO of at&t, we know for certain an iPhone that can run on the 3G high speed internet networks will be out in 2008. No word on the exact date of availability or the cost, but at least it's something. This is what I've been waiting for personally, although I hope the new phone will also have at least 16GB of storage as well.

Full Story:

Posted by: walter biscardi on Nov 30, 2007 at 4:33:31 amComments (5) apple, iphone

See, I don't need the iPhone!

See, I'm so glad I didn't rush out for the iPhone. Now I can keep my little Razr phone that I like and get the iPod for everything else. Very cool!

Posted by: walter biscardi on Sep 10, 2007 at 11:08:07 amComments (3) ipod, apple, iphone

Early iPhone buyers get $100 credit

If you purchased an 8GB version of the iPhone right off the bat, Apple is offering you a $100 credit since they've already cut the price of the phone by $200.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Sep 10, 2007 at 11:06:26 am apple, iphone

iPhone slashed $200

Almost lost in the new iPod rollout was the price slash by $200 on the 8GB iPhone and the discontinuation of the 4GB model.  I'm quite surprised Apple dropped the price so quickly, but according to Steve Jobs, they want the phone to be in a lot of stockings this christmas.

Still don't agree with their decision to lock the phone to AT&T (the hack workaround not for the faint of heart) as they would most likely sold double or triple the devices if it was an open phone for all networks.

But glad to see the phone already tumbling in price, might be cheap enough for me to purchase before next year's NAB!

Posted by: walter biscardi on Sep 5, 2007 at 4:53:36 pmComments (19) ipod, apple, iphone

500 hours to an unlocked iPhone

When I was 17 and it was summer, that generally meant lazy days out by the pool with friends. For George Holz, it was 500 hours to unlock an iPhone so it can run on any carrier, not just AT&T. The times they are a changin!

Along with a secretive group of online collaborators, the 17-year-old broke the restrictions that make Apple Inc.'s iPhone, arguably the hottest gadget of the year, work only on AT&T Inc.'s cellular network.

The feat took him 500 hours, or about 8 hours a day since the iPhone's June 29 launch. The equipment used included a soldering iron and a large supply of Red Bull energy drinks.

Full Story:

According to the article, George took an AP reporter's T-Mobile SIM card, placed it into the iPhone and was able to place calls on the T-Mobile network. I think this kid is going to have a great career in the technology sector!

You can buy the phone or get more info on his blog:

Posted by: walter biscardi on Aug 26, 2007 at 11:24:54 amComments (5) entertainment, apple, technology, iphone

Apple iPhone can apparently be hacked

According to a newspaper article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, a security group claims the iPhone can be easily hacked to retrieve personal information. According to the article:

A team of computer security consultants say they have found a flaw in Apple's popular new iPhone that allows them to take control of the device.

The researchers, working for Independent Security Evaluators, a company that tests its clients' computer security by hacking it, said that they could take control of iPhones through a WiFi connection or by tricking users into going to a Web site that contains malicious code. The hack, the first reported, allowed them to tap the wealth of personal information the phones contain.

Later in the article, they mention that once the security hole was found, they were able to take complete control of the phone. Interesting news and I'll be curious to see what Apple's response will be. Full article here:

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jul 23, 2007 at 6:28:06 amComments (3) apple, iphone

Cheaper iPhone by fourth quarter?

In a report from today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Fresh off the launch of its much-hyped iPhone, Apple may be preparing to offer a less expensive version that could be used with several wireless carriers, a telecommunications industry analyst says. model could sell for less than $300.... to be based on Apple's iPod Nano music player,....,

Full article here:

Personally, I'm waiting for the original iPhone to drop in price and hopefully work with a faster internet service. I have used AT&T for about 8 years now through their various name changes with my cell service, but have never had an interest in anything to do with email / internet with their phones because it's just too slow. For the time being, my Motorola Razr for only $89 works perfectly fine, don't need a $600 phone with slow internet service.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jul 11, 2007 at 2:33:26 amComments (18) apple, iphone

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