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Filtering a Video Clip with Photoshop Extended

COW Blogs : Richard Harrington's Blog : Filtering a Video Clip with Photoshop Extended
I've posted an article over at Tip Squirrel about using video inside Adobe Photoshop Extended –


Photoshop’s filters are pretty powerful (and certainly diverse). Knowing this, you may find yourself wanting to apply a filter to a video clip. This is very possible, but there’s a specific workflow you must follow.First, you must use Photoshop Extended to open a video clip. Other versions of Photoshop can’t do this task. If you run a filter on a video clip on its own, the filter will only apply to the current frame. This is why you must convert the video layer into a Smart Object. You can create Smart Objects by choosing File > Place or by choosing Filter > Convert for Smart Filters. Remember, a Smart Object embeds the original content of the layer inside the Smart Object.

Read the whole article here.
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Filtering a Video Clip with Photoshop Extended Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Feb 16, 2012 at 2:08:00 pm Adobe

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