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Adobe Story is Out of the Creative Suite

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Adobe Story has been dropped from the standalone versions of Adobe Creative Suite 6. Here are some official details.

What change did you make?
We have decided to remove Adobe Story CS6 from the perpetual versions of Master Collection, Production Premium, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Why did you pull story from Master Collection, Production Premium, Premiere Pro and After Effects?
We were bundling a static AIR version of Adobe Story with these products through the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 cycle, while this gave users access to Adobe Story, we updated the core application four times throughout the year, leaving the perpetual users with technology that was not the latest version. Adobe Story was designed to be a collaborative cloud service from day one and with the big push toward services with the upcoming announcement of Creative Cloud, we've made the decision to move Adobe Story to a full services model.
What versions are still available?
Adobe Story is available now with Adobe Story Free, as an online scripting tool. Adobe Story Plus, a collaborative pre-production tool with integrated scheduling and scriptwriting capabilities is expected to be available as a stand-alone subscription, as well as a version with the upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription.

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Posted by: Richard Harrington on May 4, 2012 at 8:03:00 pmComments (2) Adobe


Re: Adobe Story is Out of the Creative Suite
by giselle Raut
I’ve been making motion graphics for a long time and I’ve always struggled with the visual effects. This video tutorial on the new features for video editing with Photoshop CS6 as well After Effects was really helpful in increasing my workrate. It’s been a real help with the blurring tools and the colour corrections guidance! Makes buying the Adobe Creative Suite 6 totally worth buying. I got my copy from here - what are you waiting for?
Re: Adobe Story is Out of the Creative Suite
by Shraddha Mehra
As an amateur artist, there’s nothing more frustrating than putting in hours and days of work and having it all come undone by the lack of the right tools. I totally agree with the point that traditional art is dying but it has to be argued, digital just pushes the boundaries so much more. Some of the software, like this from Adobe - and the videos that highlight their powers are enough to push any artist from canvas to screen. If not now, then soon!
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