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Deep Thoughts from Vegas: Day One

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Day one is two days and mumblemumble dollars short. Vegas, man. What can I say? I DID write it on day one.

DEEP THOUGHT: connections.

Wandering around the south hall today shortly after it opened, I found myself bouncing from person to person, many I knew and some I didn't. This has become somewhat expected by now -- you're in one room with a couple hundred people from a relatively small community (of which the Internet sub-community is even smaller), of course you're going to run into each other. That's part of the fun. However, today I had a bit of a different experience with making connections.

I've blogged a bit about working on an independent film called The Impersonators. At the end of May, we'll be doing a significant chunk of pick-ups to enhance some story points. Because of reasons, I won't be around for the shoot much so I've been looking for a DIT to manage the on set media and make sure I get what I need. I was fretting a bit about this: twelve days of shooting, unpaid, prefer if you have any idea what you're doing.

I asked a friend of mine who works for Ball State University if he could pass on my needs to the telecommunications department the day before I left for Vegas. This morning, Monday, I got an email back: there's a student who is very interested in the gig. He's worked with RED material as a DIT before. He even developed the workflow.

And the student saw on my blog that I'm at NAB this week. He is too.

I called him from the show floor and we met up in the lobby of the lower south hall and talked for a while about the film and his experience. Don't tell anyone, but I think he knows more about this than I do. Kids these days.

It's funny, I expect to go to NAB and meet creatives from all over the world. And I do. But I also found and hired the DIT I never thought I'd find.

Posted by: Kylee Peña on Apr 10, 2013 at 6:14:17 pmComments (2) nab show


Re: Blog: Deep Thoughts from Vegas: Day One
by walter biscardi
You have completely personified that "NAB is what you make it." I had a few folks complain before the show that "it's not worth the time and energy to go, I never meet anyone and networking is impossible.

You have to be proactive to network, nobody just comes to you. I may have picked up a consulting gig on a new studio project specifically because of my blog and being at the show. The folks knew I was there and came directly to see me and chat about the project.

NAB is what you make it. And I know what you mean about the kids these days. We have high school sophomores and juniors working on a killer 3Ds Max animation for us right now. They definitely know more than me about 3D animation! :)

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by Kylee Peña
Yeah, I saw someone complaining after one of the various meetups that it was awkward just standing around with a bunch of people. I didn't get that at all. I suppose it's as awkward as you make it. You can't recede into your shell and hope someone draws you out! Because that's really not likely to happen.

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