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Deep Thoughts from Vegas: Day Four

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Day Four, but really day six. Day six of four. Whatever. Last day of NAB. Day negative one seems like a week and a half ago at least.


When I read NAB suggestions and tips and wrap-ups from people who have been coming to the show a long time, I rarely hear anything about communication. This is mind-boggling. How did you meet people? Did you just know where they are? Randomly bump into people and become life-long friends? Call on the PHONE? NAB is such a frenzy, how did you really take advantage of all these great people being in town without being able to communicate instantly?

I'm really asking you guys, if you care to enlighten me.

Twitter is amazing. I've met a lot of great friends through chatting on Twitter. But you know what really made this NAB great? SMS. Yeah, THAT old junk!

A couple of weeks ago, Liam (@editorliam) suggested that some of us download an app called GroupMe, which serves as a group messaging service. His thought was that we could communicate with each other as needed without having to rely on Twitter for finding people. It clogs the feed, and it's hard to keep tagging everyone because you can run out of characters. So a handful of us downloaded GroupMe.

I found that you could forward GroupMe messages to text instead of using the battery-burning app, so I did that. And it works phenomenally well, especially when my LTE connection was struggling. Over the course of the week, we kept adding people to the thread. We could quickly send a text to ask if anyone was in the south hall, or if people wanted to find lunch. The app (and SMS service) also allows for picture messaging, so it devolved into silliness at times, seeing who could get closest to whom and snap a picture without them realizing.

It's made finding friends during the show much easier than last year. It's allowed all of us to spend a lot more time together instead of trying to coordinate and keep missing each other. Yesterday, part of the group decided at the last minute to take off into the desert to shoot the sunset -- something that couldn't happen in an event of this scale without coordination ahead of time unless you can text 20 people at once. And those 20 people bring along new people they've met and introduce them into the group.

Right now, my phone is buzzing as plans are set to go to In-N-Out Burger as a bookend to NAB before the last of us leave. When we tried to coordinate this last year, it was difficult to tell everyone where and when things were happening. This year, if my text messages are any indication, we'll have a group of something like 10 or 15 editors. Might make seating a little difficult, eh?

I suppose that's a good last deep thought from the heart of Vegas: SMS and burgers. The staples of life. As you can see, one leads directly to the other.

AND NOW? Double double animal style with an extra toasted bun, with well done cheese fries thankyouverymuch. Ah, I love the west.

Posted by: Kylee Peña on Apr 11, 2013 at 3:42:54 pmComments (2) nab show


Re: Deep Thoughts from Vegas: Day Four
by Liam Johnson
NAB for me is the event that brings us all together in a single place. And for me its all about networking. This leads to strengthening relationships with friends I have already made, and expanding my network as much as possible each year by meeting everyone I can.

This was my 5th year, and the past 4 years I have managed to gain enough work directly from NAB related contacts to justify coming back every year. This was the first one I took it easy, went to Post Production World Classes and just enjoyed my time with those contacts I have the pleasure of calling a friend like Kylee here.
Deep Thoughts from Vegas...communicating
by Rich Rubasch
Funny, I approach NAB a lot like downhill skiing. I don't like skiing in groups. I know how fast I want to go, and if I don't want to take a break at that middle of the hill gathering place then I will just blow right by and point the tips downward. No waiting at the bottom for my pals either...just point 'em straight toward the single line at the lift and jump on with whoever is there.

At NAB I have my maps laid out and a good idea of what I want to learn or see. I started in early March. It's a lot like work in that there is no time for play (on the floor that is) but then at 5:00 when the floor closes, take a break, hydrate, and go out to an event and ask people what they saw that they liked...take notes and hit the ones that sounded interesting that weren't on your list.

I hung out with an old colleague who I hadn't seen in a while and we met every night for a beverage and recount the day. That was great time well spent over a tasty beverage.

Always inspiring to know that in some small way I am part of this amazing industry called broadcasting and all that it stands for. Just for that reason alone, NAB and its scope and reach is an inspiration.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media Inc.
Video Production, Post, Studio Sound Stage

Focusing on post-production, from editing and motion graphics to personal experiences and the psychology of being an editor.


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