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Photofocus Podcast with Special Guests Dave Wilson and Gerard Murphy

COW Blogs : Richard Harrington's Blog : Photofocus Podcast with Special Guests Dave Wilson and Gerard Murphy
In case you missed the new Photofocus podcast…. Gerard is a Lightroom expert. Dave makes beautiful high dynamic range photos.


Rich Harrington has two special guests on this week’s show. We’re joined by Dave Wilson, a freelance art photographer from Texas. Dave shares his approach to getting the best shot (no matter how many exposures it takes). Dave is a native of Scotland  who likes to photograph subjects, scenes, locations and objects which symbolize Texas, the American Southwest and the United States in general.
In the second half of the show we catch up with Lightroom expert 
Gerard Murphy. Gerard has had a passion for photography since borrowing his Mom’s Pentax while on family vacations. He is also one of the inventors of Mosaic which helps photographers organize and backup their Lightroom catalogs.

Rich and Dave discuss:
  • How Dave got into photography
  • How he balances his art career while having a second job
  • Why Dave loves HDR
  • Dave’s Favorite shooting techniques
  • How to create stunning black and white photos
  • How to determine the number of brackets to shoot for a HDR photo
  • When to use a fisheye lens
  • How to spot and fix chromatic aberration
  • Can you “fix” an image too much?
  • Selling strategies to help photographers make money
  • Developing multiple versions of a file
  • What is “Clown Vomit?”
  • Shooting with ND filters for long exposures

Rich and Gerard discuss:
  • The most important features added to Lightroom 5
  • What’s missing from Lightroom and needs to be added
  • When to work in Lightroom vs.  Photoshop
  • How search can be used (and improved)

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Posted by: Richard Harrington on Aug 8, 2013 at 6:29:00 pm PhotographyPodcast

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