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Use a Field Monitor for Better Shots

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A common phrase among DSLR pros is that “everything looks good on the back of the camera LCD.” While intended as a joke, the phrase really means that it’s hard to judge aspects of your shot like critical focus, color, and exposure using the LCD on the back of a DSLR camera. As these LCDs are generally very small, it can also be difficult for on-set clients and team members (like a focus puller) to clearly see what the camera is actually shooting.

That’s where field monitors come in. Over the past few years, lightweight field monitors offering flexible connectivity, high-resolution large screens, and extensive features have become more affordable. This week, we’ll explore the benefits of using a field monitor, including

· What a field monitor is, and how it helps you in the field
· How to connect a field monitor to your camera
· Using peaking or focus in red to assist in getting sharp focus
· Using zebra patterns and color assist options to get proper exposure
· Passing the video signal thru a field monitor to other devices, like an electric viewfinder (EVF) or larger client monitor.

Field monitors can immediately improve the quality of your shots, so be sure to check out the episode to learn how you can use them in your own shooting workflow. And remember, each week’s DSLR Video Tips episode is free for seven days, so be sure to tell all your video and photography friends to watch it this week.
Often you’ll only have one chance to get interview audio right, so check out this week’s episode so you’ll be prepared before your next shoot. Remember, each week’s episode is free for seven days–tell your video and photography friends to watch for free.
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Use a Field Monitor for Better Shots Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Sep 14, 2013 at 6:29:00 pm DSLR Video

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