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Mastering Shutter Speed

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Does your footage look too choppy? Are action scenes a streaky mess? It might be because your shutter speed isn’t set properly. The shutter in a camera is a lot like a pair of shutters on a window. It controls how much light comes through and hits the camera’s sensor.

This week, we continue to look at exposure. There are three critical pieces to achieving good exposure and creative control with your shots. Fortunately, shutter speed is the easiest to learn, with just a few simple rules.

This week we’ll cover

• What is shutter speed?
Learn how shutter speed settings affect the look of your footage.

• A DP’s perspective on shutter speed. 
Catch up with director of photography Jim Ball and learn how chooses shutter speed settings.

• Adjusting the shutter speed.
Learn how to make adjustments to the settings on your camera to get the best shots.

• Real-world examples. 
We’ll evaluate several shots from our recent music video with Jason Masi, breaking down what worked and what didn’t.

Check out both the sample video above and this week’s complete episode on We’ll help you get the best exposure, and control the shutter speedand exposure of your shots. Be sure to check back next week for more DSLR Video Tips!

Mastering Shutter Speed Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Oct 11, 2013 at 1:15:00 pm DSLR Video

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