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What is a Mirrorless Camera: DSLR Video Tips

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On this week's DSLR Video Tips we'll explore mirrorless cameras.  Have you ever worked with a mirrorless camera?  When mirrorless cameras take the image it doesn't hit a mirror and bounce off like DSLR cameras.  There are pros and cons to using these types of cameras.  Join Robbie and I as we jump into the studio to do a live recording with musician, Jason Masi demoing three different mirrorless cameras.  Check out the various shots, picture quality and perspective of these cameras.  Discover the ability to completely be adaptable and flexible with all sorts of lenses from Nikon, to PL, to FD mount lenses.

To learn more, I’ve created an exciting course with Robbie Carman called, What is a Mirrorless Camera: DSLR Video Tips, for

This week we cover:

  • Mixing frame rates
  • Dealing with color and detail loss from compression
  • Comparing sensor sizes
  • Understanding how DSLR viewfinders react when recording video
  • What is aspect ratio?
  • Getting the right speed of memory card
  • Avoiding rolling shutter

What is a Mirrorless Camera: DSLR Video Tips Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Mar 10, 2014 at 6:14:00 am

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