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My Editing workflow in Premiere

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This is my editing workflow in Adobe Premiere. Would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions.


Re: Blog: My Editing workflow in Premiere
by Andy Edwards
Why are you not using the Create Multi-Camera Source sequence to make your multicam? Have you explored syncing your clips via audio vs. the time consuming option of manually sliding your clips back and forth to match a clapper? Premiere will sync your clips up via timecode or even audio a lot faster than the manual way you showed. When you create a mutlicam via Create Multi-Camera Source sequence you do not have to "nest" your sequence twice because your audio tracks didn't come along like in your example.

Take a look at this multicam tutorial

Lots of time saving ways to speed up your mutlicam vs. the manual option.

Andy Edwards
Re: Blog: My Editing workflow in Premiere
by Micah Eavenson
Interesting. I have not looked at that at all. I know folks who have used plural eyes to sync things up with mixed results. I guess with my background being a CNN editor for 11 years there were some features we didn't use- multi-cam was one of them.

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

Live, Love, Shoot
Re: Blog: My Editing workflow in Premiere
by Andy Edwards
Hi Micah,

No criticism intended, just pointing out current multicam features in Premiere that might help speed up your workflow. You used to have to go the plural eyes route until Adobe put audio sync capability right into the application. You should try out the proxy workflow if you are doing any 4K multicam editing. It can smooth out your rough cut playback if you are not on a beefy system. Also check out Colin's other Premiere Youtube videos. He was a former Adobe employee and has some great tips and tricks.

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