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Nifty FCP 6 Feature overlooked by many

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You know it's been a few weeks since NAB and surprisingly nobody has talked about a nifty little feature of the new Final Cut Studio and how it interacts with the new iPhone. You can actually install a "lite" version of Final Cut Express by putting the install discs in your machine and then connecting the iPhone via USB. Go into the Customize settings of the Installation screen and you'll see a "Lite" option appear. This only shows up when the iPhone is correctly attached via USB so be sure to connect the phone first before launching the installer.What can you do with Lite? Well by connecting to your media device via USB, you can capture at a low resolution version of the new Apple ProRes 422 codec. For editing it's all straight cuts only, no effects, no transitions, but you wouldn't want to try to do any transitions with an iPhone anyway. You get 2 tracks of video and audio maximum, but for just straight cutting in the field, you don't need any more. Oh and no titles either, but I can't see you needing them in the field with something this small. But after you put together a rough cut, you can save off your cut as a true Final Cut Pro project and then transfer that to your laptop or desktop for your final edit.Here Peter Wiggins and I look at a project I originally cut on my desktop machine, but I used Media Manager in FCP 6 to re-conform the project to the new ProRes 422 low rez codec on a prototype iPhone. (Don't ask how we were able to try this and get our hands on the iPhone, it took a few days) I have to say, it's not bad and it will certainly be fun to pull out an iPhone on set, connect it up and just start slapping something together! It's a bit small, but the screen is so clean that you can actually read the text and it was not all that bad working with the footage. Course, any phone call you get will interrupt the edit, but the phone will simply hide FCP until you hang up.I guess it's easy to overlook this nifty little addition to Final Cut Pro 6, but it's pretty cool nonetheless!

Posted by: walter biscardi on May 6, 2007 at 5:42:58 amComments (5) editing, apple, final cut pro


To all the other bloggers
by walter biscardi

So I see some of the other websites / blogs who decided to run my story, complete with the photo, are now a little miffed because it turned out to be a joke.

1 - You decided to copy and paste the information from this website without first asking me. I only posted this story here for the enjoyment of my Creative Cow Readers.

2 - You could have certainly posted a reply in this very blog if you wanted to verify the claim like Lisa did. But that would have required registration. I didn't answer her right away as I was always planning to wait a few days, but if enough inquiries showed up in the blog, I was ready to reveal the joke at any time.

3 - If you know my reputation at all on the Creative Cow website, you know jokes and pranks are part of my personality. I enjoy my life and laughter is a huge part of it. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

4 - The people who DO know me at the Cow pretty much got it right away. The general consensus was "Bad photoshop dude, but awesome joke!"

by Matt Jeppsen
We can only dream......
by walter biscardi

Well it only took a few days, but our little joke took off across the internet! I was inspired in part by the Google Free Toilet Internet joke and because we knew it was only a matter of time until someone posted "Can I edit video on my iPhone" in the Creative Cow. So we decided to have a little fun with this. I mean seriously, how much worse could I make that photoshop composite? Should be have been very obvious that was not a real iPhone in our hands. Heck I doubt there was even an iPhone anywhere at the show.

One blog site posted the story first, THEN asked me if it was real. As for all the rest of the blogs they picked up the story and ran with it without ever asking me. I guess this is how rumors get all over the internet: run the story first, check facts later.

Folks, I'm just incredibly amused by how much "authoritative information" there is out there about two products that don't even exist yet. Final Cut Pro 6 and the new iPhone. All this speculation and quest for information so we run a little satire piece here and instead of asking me if it's true, these blogs just run with the information as fact. Very amusing and I'm just amazed at how fast it gets out and all the speculation on the blogs on what the iPhone will and won't do.

Folks, I would LOVE to be able to edit on location with something as slick as an iPhone one day and maybe we will, but right now, it's just a dream. Now maybe one of those rumored sub-notebooks Apple is supposed to release by the end of the year, perhaps there's a chance...... NAH! Gotta admit, I really had y'all thinking there, now didn't I? 



Nope, not April Fools Day, just May 7th
by walter biscardi
But still a good day for a laugh, no?  You called it Lisa, I got a hold of everybody's leg on this one.  Bad photoshop job though, should have given it away immediately.
iPhone Editing
by Lisa Strong-Aufhauser
Hi Walter --

Given that neither the iPhone or FCP 6 are available yet, it's not surprising few have picked up on this one.  So, do you edit with your finger?  Seems like chosing in and out points might only be for the nimble.  I wish the iPhone was coming with a bigger HDD or Flash drive.  4 or 8 GB isn't very fat for capturing footage, ProRess 422 or not.  For a second, I had to check; no, it's not April Fools day.  Are you pulling our leg on this?


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