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How stable is Final Cut Pro? Very.

COW Blogs : walter biscardi's Blog : How stable is Final Cut Pro? Very.
As I've been on the Creative Cow Final Cut Pro forums about 9 years now, I have seen all manner of people whine and complain about stability issues with Final Cut Pro. Sometimes it's truly Apple breaking stuff or releasing versions of Quicktime or FCP before they're ready. But often, it's operator error / configuration error.

Here's an example of just how stable Final Cut Pro is.

Been running my current Mac Pro Octo 2.93 for about 18 months now. ATI 4870 and AJA Kona 3 are the graphics and video cards in there. On Sunday I pulled them both out and replaced with the nVidia FX 4800 and the Blackmagic HD Extreme 3D video card.

What did Final Cut Pro think? Nothing, just kept right on rolling along. In fact I had to swap out the nVidia card and ATI card twice for 10.5.8 because I forgot to install the nVidia driver on that disc. Kernel panics because the driver wasn't in there. Installed the driver, opened the Mac for the fourth time to put the nVidia card back in there and away we go.

In fact I switch back and forth between my OS 10.5.8 and OS 10.6.4 boot discs depending on what I'm doing. Why? Well there's a problem in OS 10.6.4 that is disrupting the Ethernet SAN so I do all my primary editing in Leopard. But for testing Davinci Resolve I need to be in 10.6.4, so I switch over to that and edit using my 8TB local SAS/SATA array.

What does Final Cut Pro think? Nothing. It doesn't care which boot disc I start from, it doesn't care which graphics card and video card I have in there. It doesn't care if I'm editing off the SAN or the local storage. I keep both boot discs set up correctly for the OS version I'm booting off of. Nothing extraneous in there, no long daisy chain of FW or USB drives, etc...

So if you have an FCP system that is constantly crashing, bogging down, whatever, I'm going to bet there's more than likely something wrong in your configuration than with FCP. Just sayin'.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Sep 7, 2010 at 2:15:49 pmComments (1) final cut pro, apple


Re: How stable is Final Cut Pro? Very.
by Lee Olivas
Hi...this is totally off the topic..but I am having the most difficult time in logging and capturing NON mini dv cameras into my I Mac G5s. These machines used to allow me to do this with a Sony Walkman and AV cables and 4 to 6 pin firewire cables. I would simply run an AV cable out from camera, into INPUT on the walkman. Make sure my walkman had a the DV On selected on Walkman, then run a firewire cable from the Walkman to the computer. I would then set my capture preset to non controllable device and it would work. Now, for almost every single DVD, or internal memory camera I cannot even get FCP to show an external device is connected. Footage is stuck inside the camera with no way to get out.

Help. If you can please email me with contact info. if you wish to assist. I cannot open forums at high school with the security safeguards.

Also, I have a kid who shot with a camera set in PAL..I can look this up but do you know what setting change I need to make, and if I can just put the dv tape in a regular DV camera to log and capture.


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