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Firewire issue with Panasonic AJ-HD1400

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We've discovered an audio issue when using the Panasonic AJ-HD1400. A high end "crackle" is being added that sounds somewhat like sizzling bacon or crackling cellophane when laying back to tape via Firewire. I honestly can't hear it as I have a hearing loss in both ears, but the fine folks at CineFilm in Atlanta who convert our DVCPro HD masters to HDCAM heard it and alerted us.

We tested a second 1400 unit and the problem occurred there too so it appears to be an issue with the model line. Panasonic is aware and are currently working on the issue. I'll update you guys as get some news.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Mar 7, 2007 at 5:23:11 amComments (12) editing, hd, apple, final cut pro


CPC Caption
by Mike Piazza
We're using CPC Caption . I would prefer to output via HD/SDI but I've bee told that their software isn't functioning at this moment with that option. The captions aren't going through. I was told that if you use the 1400 deck with firewire it should work .

But I won't be delivering true 1080i.

I'm waiting for answer from CPC
Firewire and captions
by Bill Lauer
What program are you using to caption HD and output via firwire? Is it a plugin or a stand alone program like Maccaption/CPC?

Thanks Bill

PS As of yesterday there is still crackle in HD output via firewire from FCP on Intel based Macs. My G5 seems clean but for our Intel bays we have had to buy AJA I/O boxes. The problem seems to only be on output. The audio is clean going in, clean during editing, but on output very subtle crackle can be heard.
Outputting 1080i
by walter biscardi
Nope, we've never outputted to 1080i via Firewire but I don't see why it would be any different than 720p. We convert 720 to 1080 and vice versa all the time with our Konas and there's no issue with the 1400 no matter which way it goes.
1080I Via Firewire with Captions ?
by Mike Piazza
Hi Walter on a different topic . Our studio will be renting the 1400A HD deck .

We'll be using it to output 1080i masters Via Firewire with CC info .

Have you ever outputted masters 1080i via Firewire ?


Any update on the 1400? and
by Bill Lauer
Did you try a PCIe firewire board? If the problem is Apples firewire bus would a 3rd party board (I think SONNET has one) help? I tried to output with an AJA Kona, 1080 was better but not perfect and 720p was even noisier. Our house tri level sync generator is set for 1080 and that may have caused the added 720 noise.

Thanks Bill
720P Audio crackle with MacBook pro
by keith brooke

Keith Brooke Post production Mgr ADM Productions

Walter any update to the audio crackle issue over firewire to Mac Book Pro?

I have done all my QT updates, still running Tiger 10.4.11 and FCP 6.02.

I have a Motu for HD-SDI which works, but cant always have it onsite. 



wondering if apple updated the macbook pro audio issue?
by keith brooke
Keith Brooke
Post production Mgr
ADM Productions
Work around for crackle in HD audio
by keith brooke
I too experienced this audio issue on 3 different Macbook pro laptops onsite. I was using a Panasonic 1200a HD deck. I found the issue more pronounced when the audio level was relatively low out the firewire. I increased my audio output gain by 6db running around 0db instead of peaking at -6db. This minimized the distortion, only audable in very low music passages. Since I was outputting the content to an arena of 6000 people pumping the audio thru 300,000 watts, even a little distortion was quite noticeable. I was outputting 1080i dvcpro content, so it seems that the issue is not with the deck, but with the laptops! I am waiting to hear from the forum on Apples response.
Problem is Apple Based
by walter biscardi

After yet more research, we have found that the Mac Pro is the culprit of the audio crackles via Firewire.  When we move the entire project and the 1400 to a PowerPC G5 Quad machine, the problem goes away.  Move the project and 1400 back to the Mac Pro and the problem reappears.

We have notified Apple of this and are awaiting news back from them.  Our solution at this time is to use HD-SDI for mastering back to the deck.

Limited to 720p
by walter biscardi
Spent about 30 minutes chatting with a panasonic engineer today and according to him, the issue is limited to 720p and is not present in 1080i.  We have another 1400 in the shop now and will test this theory tomorrow.
1400 has Insert Editing and
by walter biscardi

1400 has Insert Editing and a completely re-designed front panel.  It operates a lot more like a "professional VTR" with Audio / Video Input selections moved to the front panel, four channel audio controls, shuttle control and some other features that were not on the 1200A.

For me it was a no brainer to update our 2 year old 1200A as we're just pretty much a DVCPro HD house now.  Actually looking to add an HDW-1800 as soon as they are released in a few weeks so that will complete all the formats in house with HDCAM.

The 1400A
by David Battistella
Hey Walt, 

What benifits have you noticed to owning the 1400A?  I am thinking stuck between adding a new VTR or another HUGE DRive. 

Any thoughts?

Peace and Love

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