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A DiscMakers Lesson: Don't let it happen to you

COW Blogs : walter biscardi's Blog : A DiscMakers Lesson: Don't let it happen to you

So a while back I wrote about our new DiscMakers Medley and how it was a so-so DVD Printer / Replicator.

Well, I have to tell you, this thing is a piece of garbage and if you're considering one of these "all in one" DVD copier / printers, stay away from anything with the DiscMakers name.

To date, we've been able to duplicate and print about 250 DVD's. Then the printer stopped working. We've called tech support for approx. 6 straight days. Oh and tech support is not DiscMakers, it's a company called XLNTIDEA INC . They actually make the duplicators, and in fact if you look on various websites of companies that sell duplicators, you'll see the exact same machine with differnet names.

So Tech Support finally ran out of options and asked us to ship the unit back. 250 discs and it's already going back. Not that it has ever really worked well to begin with. We've probably thrown away over 100 discs due to bad printing problems. Wrong colors, low resolution, poor photo replication, etc... Our Epson Photo R200 easily out prints the Medley and it's a heckuva lot cheaper than the $2,000 I shelled out for the printer and computer.

And the worst part for me is that DiscMakers simply doesn't care. They won't return any emails. I've contacted the sales rep who was a really swell guy when he was selling me the unit telling me how much better this unit would work after my problems with the Bravo II. Now. Nothing. What do they care, if they sell 10,000 crappy units and people keep 9900 of them, that's a good margin.

You all do what you will with your money, but I can tell you from personal experience, DiscMakers has not been a company that I have enjoyed doing business with and they will certainly not get any money from me again. Fool me once, shame on me.........

Posted by: walter biscardi on Apr 17, 2008 at 6:36:53 pmComments (5) dvd, apple


Bravo ii
by Jay Allen
I have tried everything to get my printing to look good, but all disc look terrible and change from disc to disc.

I have now bought 3 sets of NEW ink at different times only to have the same results. I am printing on water shield discs and they look bad.

I have spent way too much $$ on ink and discs to only have them look faded etc. When I clean cartridges or purge the ink it looks correct, but when I print a disc it looks faded.??????

At wits end!!!

Jay Allen

by walter biscardi

Just like any piece of equipment, research it first before you make your purchase.

Which is exactly why I've been posting all of this information on my blog, to hopefully help others make an informed decision.  I did research options for about a month before making my original Bravo II purchase.  That didn't work out and then I knew that DiscMakers had been around quite a while.  So I thought they were a name I could trust.  Apparently not.  I never really found much information about their Medley series or any of their other duplicators other than the glowing testimonials on their site.  So now I'm giving my own end user experience and it's frankly not good.

Our next step will be to purchase a multiple unit duplicator, probably 6 - 11 DVD burner, and a high quality printer.  I'm even contacting Epson to see if they would consider making a high quality DVD Printer that would be able to hanlde up to 50 discs at a time in a stack.  That would be nice.


Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Wow... That's a shame.
by Wayne Carey

Wow...  That's a real downer.  I will agree that the prices of the devices are on the high side, but isn't that the norm for our industry as a whole?  I will admit that the only real machine that is of any quality at all is the Primera duplicators.  Yes, a few months ago, I was frustrated with a Bravo II.  But after contacting Primera and having them look at my printer, everything is good again.

Here's where people go wrong with these devices.  The Bravo series of duplicators are meant for the occasional use, not heavy usage.  We put our Bravo II through about 1200 copies in the first year (its now about 2 years old).  After having difficulties with it, we upgraded to the Bravo Pro which seems to handle our duplication requirements much better.

Yes, the prices are high, BUT you get what you pay for...  Primera Bravo series duplicators aren't the fastest by any means... but they get the job done on our budget.  Think of it as like buying a high def camera and only delivering on standard def DVD.  Why purchase more than you need?  Just like any piece of equipment, research it first before you make your purchase.

A DVD Burner review
by walter biscardi

Our current Primera 100 disc printer is very nice quality, slow as is expected with glossy printing. It seems there is no perfect product, although it would be interesting for the COW to do a review of major brands' units.

Well, I can already do a review of the Primera Bravo II and the DiscMakers Medley.  Thumbs Down, especially for the price tag on these things.  Definitely the way to go in the future is a stand alone tower duplicator and a stand alone printer.  The combo packages are just too weak.



Walter Biscardi, Jr.

disposable duplicators and printers
by Mike Cohen

I think dupers/printers are becoming like cheap DVD players - it breaks and you are expected to throw it away. But automated dupers and printers are not exactly cheap.

Nearly every such unit we have purchased have been somewhat generic in manufacture, and oddly conceived. One 300 disc duper has a whopping 2 buttons and an LCD display. The first one we got would not work at all - the company insisted we were doing something wrong, so we sent it back and lo and behold it was in fact defective. They sent us a nother one, which alas we do not really use.

We have a 3 burner 100 disc capacity unit which works pretty well, although it is slow for DVDs. We had several Discmakers DVD printers (actually Primera CD Color Printer Pros) - a bit flaky and intermittently nonfunctional. We originally had the unit that holds 50 discs, prints and dupes. It worked for a while. Sometimes it would freeze up, and for the lack of an on/off switch you had to unplug the power supply to reset.

Our current Primera 100 disc printer is very nice quality, slow as is expected with glossy printing. It seems there is no perfect product, although it would be interesting for the COW to do a review of major brands' units.


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