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Ok, my dumb advertisement of the week.  I'm seeing an ad for show up again and again on cable channels.  They promise to get your computer running fast again by removing spyware and all those nasty little things that can slow down a computer on the internet.

A disclaimer on screen points out this only works on PC Computers.  (this is funny too, but more on that in a moment).  So why is this ad so dumb?  They prominently feature an iMac an an iBook.  Yes, an iBook.   In fact, the computer shown more than any other is the iMac.   

These Macs are not the newer Intel versions so you could make the argument, "Well you can run Windows on those machines." Nope, these are classic PowerPC computers that are relegated to the Mac OS only.  Sorry, this is just a dumb, bonehead, lazy move by the production company and the client to show two computers that can't even be used by the product that is being advertised.

Now about that "only works on PC Computers" comment.....  PC stands for Personal Computer.  Personal Computers run Mac OS, Windows, Linux and even UNIX operating systems.  What they should have said on the ad was "only works on Windows operating systems."  But that would definitely be asking too much of a company that features Apple computers for a Windows based product.

Just my two cents. 

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jul 11, 2008 at 6:53:08 pmComments (6) business, commercials


Finally Fast
by Scott Ager
It does one thing faster than other utilities: Loads up your machine full of tracking cookies, registry entries and other malware which took an hour to scrape out with six different utilies. I'll stick with Sham-Wow.......
by Jon Harris
I hope you don't mind me linking to you on my wifes blog. I wrote a "review" on finallyfast, and linked to this post about it. Don't you guys love how their old macs are running windows? had me laughing. her site is the post is hidden (a nice script I wrote, so that anything filed as "unfiled" isn't seen), but has been added to stumbleupon. If you want to see the post, go to The post basically explains what installing one of their applications places in your windows folder.
Through the magic of Television
by walter biscardi

"What the...... why is my PowerPC iMac running Windows?"



"Just a sec Janie, I need to check my email on my really REALLY old iBook"



"Oh my, the Blue Screen of Death on my iBook.  I'm really NOT in Kansas anymore"



"Wow, really CAN get Windows to operate just fine on my old PowerPC iMac.  THANKS!"

Remind me never to purchase anything from these guys. 

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

Fun reply from
by walter biscardi

"Thank you for taking the time to contact Ascentive!  We appreciate your feed back and will forward it to the appropriate department.  We value our customers and strive to provide great products and support!"

They're going to forward it on to the appropriate department.  I wonder which department that might be.  

The "We don't care so long as it's a computer in our commercial" department?  

The "So what if it's a Mac, our audience is too stupid to figure that out" department?  

The "Mac, what Mac?" department?

Ah well, just another nail in the "truth in advertising" coffin. 

Walter Biscardi, Jr.

by Shane Ross

YES!  I saw that ad and noticed the same thing!  That is too funny.  Yeah, the production company and producers weren't on the ball on that one.



by Wayne Carey

Sounds to me like these guys need another ad agency to do their TV ads.  The website looks pretty good and it includes software to do something similar for the Mac.

I've seen commercials like this and I am pretty sure it was very cheap to post and probably got really cheap airtimes, too. 

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