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Nine Lives Trailer VFX Done In FCP X

A couple weeks ago I posted about some 2k VFX – 3 screen replacements – I had created in FCP X for an unnamed trailer. Well, the trailer is out so I wanted to let you all take a look. To be clear, while I had cut another version of the trailer in X, it was not chosen to finish.

This final version of the trailer was cut in FCP 7 by another of our editors, though one of my gags, (the Instagram thing) did make it into the final cut. Actually, that gag will appear on Instagram at some point, and that was delivered from FCP X. There’s also a shot of lightning hitting a building which is an AE rebuild of a temp comp I did in X.

Anyway, here's the trailer, and the stills below are of the VFX done in FCP X. Don't blink or you'll miss them!

Screen replacement using Track-X. Keyframed Gaussian Blur and some Film Grain

Name Tag made elsewhere. Edges softened with mask, color mask and correct frame
Added shadow, blur and film grain

Screen replacement using Track-X. Background darkened with Draw Mask, Logo removed with Slice-X.
Screen Image has a light "Bad TV" Filter, Color corrected and Film Grain added

Screen replacement using Track-X, Slice X, Draw Mask, Keyer. Logo removed with Slice-X.
Color corrected and Film Grain added (details in other post)
Replacement screen is a screen grab from my iPhone

So there ya go. 2K VFX done in the FCP X timeline with some plugins. No other apps needed. Well, I ran the exported 2k XQ files through Compressor to deliver as tiff sequences, but all the compositing was done in the NLE. It’s pretty crazy what FCP X can do.:-) It’s a cute movie too. Go see it, especially if you have kids!

Posted by: Charlie Austin on Apr 15, 2016 at 9:53:16 am FCPX, FCPX Workflow, trailer

N.A.B. FCP X & Me.

Oh, Hi! Going to NAB? Want to go to NAB? If you’re there, I’ll be blabbing about FCP X at a little FCP Exchange presentation on Tuesday at 2:30. Stop by and heckle! Bring your FCP X hating friends! Fun!

Posted by: Charlie Austin on Apr 13, 2016 at 4:16:30 pm Uncategorized

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